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Quality Policy

The Connection is an international distributor of non-metallic consumables and is considered by its customers as a total service provider. The Connection is committed to providing quality products and associated services to satisfy the needs of our customers. The Connection is a ‘customer focused’ organisation. The Connection (through the results of the management review of the QMS, customer satisfaction, results from internal audit and additional periodic analysis of performance) is committed to the continual improvement at all levels and within all functions of the organisation. Procedures and processes are in place for all areas of the organisation. The procedures and processes in place ensure compliance with all of the aims and objectives identified at management and director level.

Quality Control

1.    The Managing Director is responsible for:

Ensuring that processes needed for the quality management system are established, implemented and maintained.
Reporting on the performance of the quality management system and any need for improvement.
The promotion of awareness of customer requirements throughout The Connection.
Communicating the importance of meeting customer as well as statutory and regulatory requirements.

2.    It is our policy that our processes are designed, implemented and maintained to meet the requirements of our Customers.

3.    Measurable service standards for our core processes are defined.

4.    We aim to continually improve both the capability of our processes and the level of service received by our customers. We do this by:

Consulting with customers with regard to our performance.
Measuring, monitoring and analysing the performance of our processes.
Taking action to achieve continual improvement of the service offered to our customers.

5.    We involve and sustain the commitment of our employees by:

Ensuring that they are aware of how our customers view our performance in meeting their needs.
Communicating business plans and our performance against them.
Education and training to fulfil their potential and to maximise their contribution.

6.    We ensure effective control over our suppliers by:

Establishing criteria and methods for the selection, evaluation and re-evaluation of suppliers.
Evaluating and selecting suppliers based on their ability to meet our specified requirements.
Ensuring that purchased products and services conform to our specified requirements.

7.    Quality Objectives derived from customer feedback, internal assessment and other business goals, have been established and both this Policy, and the Objectives are reviewed at Quality Management Review meetings.

8.    In order to implement this policy a quality management system in accordance with Aerospace Standard AS9120 Rev. A has been deployed and is being maintained. We are committed to continually improving its effectiveness.

9.    We aim to be the Distributors of choice to the Aerospace industry, recognised for delivering high quality, valued products and services to all our clients with regard to the following elements of our services:

Our understanding of our clients’ requirements
Timely delivery
Value for money
Keeping our clients fully informed

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